Develop Mobile Apps

Workshop Stats

  • Ages 9+

  • Live Online Workshop

  • Instructor Ratio: 6:1 (typical)

  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Platforms: MIT App Inventor

  • Duration: 4.5 Hours

  • Price: R490.00 per student

  • Next Workshop Date: TBA

Workshop Description

From the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007; smart phones have been slowly taking over all of our worlds. Our App Inventor workshop gets our intermediate coders introduced to the world of mobile app development by coding up some of their very own mobile apps.

Teaching Platform

Built by the engineering minds of MIT, App Inventor is an amazing platform that allows students to build and deploy mobile phone apps. Currently compatible with Android – and soon iPhone – App Inventor uses familiar logic-based code to build apps that run on a simulator for testing that can also be deployed to Android phones as fully functional mobile apps.

Concepts Learned

Students will explore ways to interact with an Android phone, and build and deploy multiple apps. Functionality may include camera, accelerometer, location, or other phone-specific functions.

Skill Level

App Inventor is aimed towards beginner and intermediate coders. Mobile app experience isn’t necessary, but some experience can be helpful.