Learn Computer Science and Coding

As we teach computer science and technology for kids & teens, we equip young minds with the skills to think critically, solve problems logically and imagine endless possibilities. We are moving past old school teaching methods and offer the best coding experience for kids & teens. Serving as an educational incubator, we provide technology and coding enthusiasts the opportunity to design and develop their best ideas into viable solutions; mentoring and bringing ideas to development.

We live in an exciting time where real ideas can make real differences in the world! Changing the world could be anything from solving a simple problem in your community to making steps to provide everyone in the world internet. No idea is too big or small. We want to ensure that all young people have the appropriate tools, guidance and critical thinking framework to be those world changers. If there is an idea, there is a way to build on it.

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and we're just getting started. We believe that there's never been a more exciting time to advance our culture - starting with our youngest ones. Every child deserves the chance to unlock their innate, unlimited capacity to learn.

Our goal is to enrich the educational experience and capability of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, scientists, economists, thinkers and doers. We want our students to gain skills in collaboration, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, through a process and proprietary curriculum that equips them with knowledge, confidence, leadership and project management skills. These skills are critical, as the global workforce increasingly demands innovators to solve ever-changing needs and crises. The demands are endless and through technology, so are the possibilities.


To teach young achievers not only computer science and technology, but also to collaborate, think logically, build relationships and develop ideas that could impact the world. And to do all this in a way that is fun and exciting.


</> Contextual learning

</> Collaboration with peers

</> Problem solving learning

</> Valuing contribution to society


</> Our curriculum! Our unique proprietary and outcome based curriculum is structured and designed by experts in the fields of computer science and education to give students the tools they need to succeed in the language of the future. ​

</> Our instructors! With loads of: experience, skills, knowledge and love for teaching.

</> Technology! The technology we use to teach is not only state-of-the-art but also loads of fun.

</> Mentoring! We do more than teach, we mentor our students to become the best they can be.

</> We Are Agile! We create a co-working environment while using AGILE teaching/learning methodology (ATLM), which is an approach of delivering projects in an organized incremental process while solutions evolve through the collaboration of small groups. This practice emerged from the field of computer science and software development itself.

</> Unique teaching method! With our eX-skills teaching method we teach students to think logically, solve problems creatively and communicate effectively.


We don’t replace schools; we offer an advanced computer science and coding experience to kids and teens in a fun, engaging and memorable way.


As a coding and computer science academy, we’re built a little differently than some folks might think. We’ve found that students are all different! Some learn faster, some learn slower. Some want web, some want games, others still want algorithms or specific languages. So our core philosophy is based on that – all students learn differently, so let’s teach them differently.

Rather than using a static one-size-fits-all curriculum, our core program uses an immersion and mentoring approach with a 1:1 student to teacher ratio. This allows our instructors to personalize and customize based on the students, making for a much more engaging experience. Instead of linear learning of concepts from a curriculum, we immerse the students in coding by building stuff and then building more stuff!

Our Mission at Cheery Robot Academy

​</> Create a high-quality, continuous curriculum that lets students grow and learn, no matter where they start.

</> Enable students to learn by coding. They aren't aware they're learning - just having fun.

</> Provide a space where students gain confidence in coding, math, logic, and problem solving.

​</> Let students learn in a social setting with like-minded peers.

</> ​Offer an easy-to-follow system, with support and encouragement from instructors and fellow students.

​</> Your child will ALWAYS enjoy their experience at Cheery Robot Academy.

Our Programs Are For Kids and Teens Age 7 To 18 That Wants To Learn Computer Science and Coding From Scratch or Expand and Extend On Existing Skills.

Cheery Robot Academy Game Development


Cheery Robot Academy APP Creation


Cheery Robot Academy Web Development


Cheery Robot Academy AI and Machine Learning


Cheery Robot Academy Data Science


Cheery Robot Academy Animation


Cheery Robot Academy Computer Science


Cheery Robot Academy and Much More



We offer an advanced coding and computer science program for kids and teens that expand and extend on what is taught in school and will bring students from introductory to Olympiad level, guided by instructors from top universities. Developed by computer scientists, our program develops bright minds ages 7-18 using our unique outcome based curriculum and digital tools. Students follow our structured course sequence to accelerate their learning.

Our personalized instruction guarantees that students get the attention they need to truly flourish at their own pace. Because instructors get to know their students’ weaknesses and strengths, our instructors are able to hone in on how a student is performing. If your child is struggling with certain concepts, we will slow down in the curriculum to help your child overcome current coding challenges, and if your child is picking up concepts very quickly, we will speed up in the curriculum and increase project difficulties so that students are able to take a deeper dive into fundamentals they grasp naturally.

Our instructors will keep your kids interested, enthusiastic and engaged while holding them accountable to reach their full potential and they will help them to build resilience and grit alongside their technical skills.

Cheery Robot Academy Code

We Have a Unique Outcome Based Curriculum with Real Coding Projects and Challenges That Was Developed By Computer Scientists.

Our Instructors Are Selected From Top-Tier Universities and They Serve As Mentors to Their Students throughout Their Computer Science Education.