Build Advanced Playable Games

Workshop Stats

  • Ages 9+

  • Live Online Workshop

  • Instructor Ratio: 6:1 (typical)

  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Platforms: Roblox and LUA

  • Duration: 4.5 Hours

  • Price: R490.00 per student

  • Time: 9:00 to 13:30

  • Next Workshop Dates: Saturday 4 December 2021 or Saturday 11 December 2021 (You can choose any of these dates)

Workshop Description

Let’s face it: Kids love video games. It’s quickly becoming one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science skills — especially coding.

At Cheery Robot Academy, we can teach coding through the video game Roblox. Kids at our Game Master workshop learn how to build, create, and modify in their worlds through coding. We use Roblox for our workshops and in our core curriculum because kids love it: It’s easy to learn, is engaging, and is perfect for kids 9 years old and up.

While known for its popularity among games, Roblox can be educational. Our students come away with hands-on experience of programming in a fun and accessible format.

Teaching Platform

Students learn to code here using Roblox Studio. We love this platform because of its easy-to-use code editor, allowing students to code objects and behaviour throughout their Roblox world. And kids love this platform because... well, you know why!

If your child is new to coding, our Game Master workshop offers a good introduction. Far from boring syntax memorization, the Roblox Studio teaching platform gives kids a glimpse into the world of virtual world development. Our Game Master workshop adds to the fun, as kids get to learn and code together in a social and collaborative environment.

Concepts Learned

Our educators are committed to helping kids learn. The learning experience will include some bit of gameplay, but it will also test their problem-solving skills and give them a chance to get creative. Coding is all about inventive thinking.

Students will come away with great exposure to fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variables, and functions. As students get more creative with their coding, they’ll have a chance to learn more complex coding concepts. We’re confident that Roblox can teach kids coding, and our instructors will be there to help them pick up key concepts along the way.

Skill Level

The Game Master workshop is perfect for beginner coders. The best age range for students is 9 years old and up, and we don’t require any prerequisites for students. We find that our workshop work best in low-ratios, which is why our workshops are staffed with one educator for every 6 students.